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We work closely with 100 farmers from west and north of Karnataka. We help them adopt better tools and processes to improve the harvest and eventually create a consistent demand for their produce.

At Nimble Growth, our primary focus is to enable the farmers to harvest the best quality agricultural produce and poultry products. And our long term vision is to help farmers form large cooperatives for creating better livelihood for themselves.

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Sundararaman Concept

S. R. Sundararaman, a pioneer in organic farming, formulated a low-cost, easy alternative to drip irrigation. This innovative method reduces irrigation water consumption by 60 per cent and increases soil carbon content to produce a robust yield.

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Jeevamrutham is an organic fertilizer which provides an environment beneficial microbes to boost the plant growth and give a good yield. Jeevamrutha is a mixture of of cow dung, cow urine, jaggery, flour, soil and water.

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Panchagavya is a growth enhancing mixture consisting of cow dung, cow urine, milk, curd, jaggery, ghee, banana, tender coconut and water. This mixture when appropriately mixed and sprayed, promotes growth and provides immunity in plant system.

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Questions & Answers

The farming practices of organic and conventional farming are as different as night and day. While the organic farming practices are close to nature, the conventional farming uses synthesised products that harm the nature. Organic farming with its natural growing practices encourages sustainability, biodiversity, good soil and air quality.

Organic farming avoids the usage of all harmful chemicals to kill pests or increase the yield of crops. The elimination of toxic chemicals helps conserve biodiversity by balancing the ecosystem for all species in equal manner. Also, since organic farming uses natural practices, it does not leave behind harmful residues. Organic farming practice reduces soil erosion and enriches the fertility of the soil naturally.